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Version 5.9 (2009)
Detailed Group History ... New Report Showing Accumulated Cost of Production For Growing Pigs
Expense Data Entry ... More 'Import From Feed Mill' Options
Expense Transactions ... Filter Statements Added to Report Headers
Feed Delivery Transactions - New Report
Financial & Production Analysis ... New Report
Growing Pig Movements ... New Report
Income Transactions ... Filter Statements Added to Report Headers
Income Transactions II ... Report Expanded and Improved
Production Summary ... Report Expanded and Improved
Version 5.8 (2008)
Action Lists ... Completely Revised With User-Defined Options
Backup / Restore ... Program Version and Date & Time Stamp Inserted in Backup File Names
Database Power Tools ... Export / Import Report Templates added
Expense Data Entry ... Feed Formula IDs carried through to Group History
Farrowing Location Performance ... New Report
Group History ... Report and Summary Panel Expanded
Growing Pig Inventory ... Report Expanded to Show Age & Estimated Value of Growing Pigs
Income Transactions II ... New Report ... Choose Your Own Report Columns and Filters
Quality Assurance ... New Parity Filter for Selecting Animals for Vaccinations & Treatments
Version 5.7 (2007)
Database Power Tools ... New Report ... Design Your Own Lists, Breakdowns, Graphs, Scatter Plots, & More.
Program Layout ... Reorganized with Button Menus
Sow Events | Repro Findings ... New Data Entry Options